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Containerized Oxygen Making and Filling System


As a leading supplier of air separation solutions, the GTNI’s Partner has established its reputation in different industries for its state-of-the-art gas generators and in-time after-sales services.

Many industries benefit from MANUFACTURR® containerized oxygen making and filling system for higher productivity and lower energy costs. As for this oxygen cylinder filling system, the power consumption rate will be much less than the liquid oxygen that produced by cryogenic technology.

We incorporate a proven type of ZMS (Zeolite Molecular Sieve) for stable and reliable oxygen generation and can expect more than seven years life.

The system is unattended operational. No other maintenance job is needed for main generator.




MANUFACTURR CAPO-19 containerized oxygen making and filling system incorporates Atlas Copco screw air compressor, Domnick refrigerant air dryer and filters, CAPO-19 oxygen concentrator, air buffer tank and oxygen buffer tank, oxygen booster and filling station and oxygen cylinder.

Compressed air is purified through the air dryer and filters to a certain level for main generator to work with. Air buffer is incorporated for smooth supply of compressed air thus to reduce fluctuation of compressed air source. The generator produces oxygen with PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology, which is a time proven oxygen generation method. Oxygen of desired purity at 93%-95%is delivered to oxygen buffer tank for smooth supply of product gas. Oxygen in buffer tank is maintained at 4 bar pressure, with two oxygen boosters, one to 7bar and another to 150bar for cylinder filling.

Following is a picture of common layout of oxygen making and filling system. For CAPO-19 system, the air buffer tank and oxygen buffer tank are mounted on the skid with oxygen generator. And all the related spare parts would be equipped in a 20” sea container.

  1. PSA Oxygen Generator Working Principles

The principles of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generator are adsorption and diffusion.

Each gas has a characteristic adsorption rate that when adsorbed by Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS). ZMS has large surface area containing volume of micro pores and passageways. Oxygen has a higher adsorption rate than oxygen. When compressed air enters ZMS, oxygen molecules are able to pass through this large surface. And oxygen molecules are adsorbed to the surface area.

As the ZMS is saturated with oxygen, it should be depressurized to regenerate for next cycle. We use two adsorption vessels filled with ZMS to produce a continuous stream of oxygen.

During depressurization, the oxygen of lower purity than required is transferred to another tower, which is called pressure equalization. Pressure equalization donates to higher efficiency and less energy consumption.

Know-how in the definite time and ways to equalize the pressure is the key to the best results.

  1. MANUFACTURR Containerized CAPO-19 Oxygen Cylinder Filling System Features
  • High Reliability: Proven PSA technology, simple engineering design, few moving parts and international standardized manufacturing techniques ensure minimal maintenance and maximum reliability.
  • Low Cost: Patented REFLUX high-efficiency control system reduces air consumption, saves electric power.
  • Convenience: Unattended operation. Touch-screen CANBUS control, display and alarm system makes all the generation system to be operated by one touch. CANBUS displays working parameters, reminds filter elements replacing and instructs trouble shooting. It enables remote control.
  • Easy Installation: Compact and cabinet mounted with buffer tanks integrated, pre-tested and ready for installation.
  • Longer Service-life: Exclusive bed containment system extends Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS) bed life to more than five years.
  • Minimal Maintenance: The generator has highly-reliable valves and no other moving parts. Filter elements are easily replaced.



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