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10mA Portable X-ray Machine


This machine is shock-proof, ray-proof, single focus and self-rectified x-ray unit.
It applies to medical fluoroscopy and radiography on mouth, cavity bone, heart, skull as well as contraceptive ring.



Main Technical

  • Max fluoroscopy: 75KVp 3-5mA (discontinuous use)
  • Max radiography: 75KVp 10ma 6sec (interval time 3minutes)
  • (Routine fluoroscopy condition: 65KVp 3mA)
  • Power Supply: 220v±10% ,50hz,1KVA
  • Current: For fluoroscopy 2a (discontinuous)
  • For radiography 6a (instantaneous)
  • Size of screen: 203mmx 254mm
  • Range of movement: vertical: 220mm; horizontal: 130mm
  • Tube turning angle: Vertical360, horizontal 320
  • Volume: 50cmx 31cmx 18cm
  • Weight: 25kg



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